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Space Clearing & Blessing
For Home or Office
Feeling stuck and stagnant?
It may be time for a space clearing! Dede will come to your location to clear and bless your space utilizing a variety of tools including: White sage, incense, herbs, mists, crystals, salt, Young Living Essential Oils, sound, candles, holy water, prayer, intent.
~Hello Clients & Friends~
As you know one of the services I offer is Space Clearing, work I deeply enjoy and am Blessed to assist many people. In my experience and understanding of energy I know that physical cleaning and energetic clearing go hand in hand. Dirt, dust, grime and clutter trap and hold much unwanted, unneeded energy (I prefer to avoid the word “negative”) creating  blocks and pockets of dense energy, hindering creativity, abundance, joy and more. When a space is cleaned, the area opens to allow a clearer flow of beneficial energy. Frankly, I could burn sage, ring bells and throw salt around all day but if the space is cluttered and/or dirty the effects are temporary. I have found many folks have areas that need attention (we are all busy, it happens!).
To assist in achieving the most beneficial outcome of a space clearing I have created a Limited Time special offer of a combination of physical and energetic cleaning, cleansing and clearing. Since picking up the book The Magical Household by Scott Cunningham and David Harrington in 1987 I have employed several methods in the cleaning of my own home which I find to be of benefit, I’m happy to share some of these ideas, and my own, with my clients. It’s much more fun to make the task of cleaning a magickal experience instead of drudgery!  To be honest I don’t love to clean but I do love the shift of energy and helping others create an environment that encourages peace, prosperity, and an overall sense of health and wellness. For all the details contact me at 207/671-5379 or
In Light & Magick,
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