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Primus Activation Healing Meditation & Discussion Group
With Dede Eaton
Next Dates & Location TBA
Join Dede each month for a casual, no pressure 
meditation & discussion group. 
Return to your natural state of wellness and activate your physical and spiritual body through this powerful, yet gentle, meditation.
Vibrating in the Primus State encourages a sense of joy, clarity, relaxation  heightened awareness and many more benefits.
After the meditation, for those who wish to share, we discuss in
depth each person’s experience and any symbols or messages
received during the meditation.
We also do a second original guided meditation by Dede
following Primus Activation.
Energy Exchange of your choice ($10 Suggested)
Light refreshments provided.
You can bring meditation to your special Gathering, 
Home or Office.
Call or e-mail for details.
207/671-5379 or
To Learn more about The Primus Activation Healing Technique Meditation
 by Naisha Ahsian visit
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