The Magick Closet, Purveyor of Spiritual Goods - Company Message
~Client Comments~
"For the first time in 35 years, I have been given lasting relief (Two weeks now, and still counting) from the constant daily lower back spasms. Dede focused her healing energy toward my lower back for 30 min. The energy was very intense. At points I had to relax even more and breathe through the healing vibrations. The end result was so cool!
The lower back spasms are gone now."
"Your kind words kept me sane during a challenging time, I heard your voice in my head saying everything would be ok, and it was, thank you"
"I haven't had a migraine in nineteen days!"
"So, do you 'pre-heat' your hands before a session?"
(one of my all time favorites! DSE)
"You'll be proud of me, I'm putting good things out to the Universe, thank you for so much help."
"I feel so much better since you worked your magic."
"I feel great, more grounded and aware of myself, thanks so much, you truly are an angel."
"I absolutely LOVE Primus so see you soon!"
"I have been feeling pretty off lately and I know seeing you would be so helpful to me. You always help me so much."
"Thanks for calling and checking on me the other day. Your follow thru meant a lot to me."
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