The Magick Closet, Purveyor of Spiritual Goods - Magick Heart Healing & The Enlightenment Expo
The Enlightenment Expo
Saturday & Sunday April 23 & 24, 2016
The Fireside Inn & Suites
81 Riverside St. Portland ME
Saturday 10:00-5:00 Sunday 10:00-4:00
Psychic & Angel Readings, Energy Work, Chair Massage, Crystals, Stones, Jewelry, Metaphysical Gifts & Supplies, Crystal Bowls,
Aura & Chakra Photography, Music, Workshops, 
Door Prizes and more!
Workshops all day included in admission fee.
$5.00 admission
 portion of proceeds donated to local charity
In addition to our fabulous line-up of practitioners, products, services & workshops we are pleased to welcome Jenna Greene.  Jenna will be performing in our lobby and enchanting attendees with her
"Faerie Serenade" both Saturday & Sunday.
Jenna Greene, "The Greene Lady", is a weaver of musical myth and magic.  With a voice that is both ethereal and soulful, she sings of ancient lore, finding wonder and following dreams.
Jenna Greene, The Greene Lady, is a musical faerie from the misty woodlands.  Her ethereal voice and lilting harp have been known to inspire dreams and soothe weary souls. Tapping into the healing energies of Faerie and musical vibrations, The Greene Lady will transport you to magical
realms within yourself. 
 How does it work?  A Faerie Serenade is a sound healing, a reading and Reiki all in one. The Greene Lady will hand you a deck of cards.  Each card has the subject of a song on it.  Some examples are: faerie healing, angel healing, inner peace and following dreams.  You pick the card that is best for you.  Then, sit back and relax while she serenades you with the song of your choice, drawing in the energies you require.  You will drift off to happy places as mystical music surrounds and soothes you.
Join ChrisAnn as she broadcasts her workshop Color Magick live from The Enlightenment Expo on www.unitedpaganradio
She will offer a few mini readings on the air in the main expo area and interview vendors and attendees alike. Sure to be enlightening and fun!
Our Participants Saturday & Sunday, April 23 & 24, 2016
Diane Emery, Telepathic Animal Communicator: Animal Readings
Fern Dyer, Lilysongbird Healing & Jewelry: Angel Readings, Crystals, Stones, Jewelry, Prints
Elemental Energies With Chris Ann & Jeff, Readings, Jewelry, Pendulums, Runes
Eva Goulette, Dancing Jaguar Inspirations: Spiritual Products & Services for Children
Tonya Patten, The Moon’s Cache: Healing Jewelry created with stone, crystal, metal
Doreen Dube, Energy healing Oasis: Stones, Crystals, Pendants, Mists, Rice packs, Bio Mats, Reiki
Sandy Oceana Moonsong, Certified Shell Reader: Sea Shell Readings
Greywolf Moonsong, Ocean Moon Creations: Spiritual Artistry
Terry Milton, The Stone Lady:  Stone Readings
Joyce Halliburton: Psychic Tarot Readings
Jeffrey Hotchkiss, Reiki Master Teacher: Reiki Community Health & Wellbeing: A fellowship of professionals committed to hands on healing for our communities. Reiki Sessions
Gabriel Godwynne, Moonchild:  Crystals & Stones
Nightfeather: Psychic Readings
Pam & Jim Savage, Aeon Moon: All Natural Hand-Crafted Pouches
Bill Sengal & Kristin Gaudette:  Spiritual Life Readings
Audrey Jacobs, Mia Bella & ScentSations: Candles, Natural Body products
Brian Chadbourne: Chair Massage, Reiki
Melanie Furber, Rap’s Eyes: Crystal Skulls
Kelly Slack, Stone Sisters Boutique: Metaphysical Gifts, Supplies & Jewelry
Debra & Dani Caron, Silver Spells Jewelry &Stones: Stones & Handcrafted Jewelry
Sue Sullivan, Gypsy Muse: Metaphysical Products & Gifts
Kathy Cushman, Kathy’s Creations:  Wire Wrapped Healing Jewelry
Jessica Michaud, Mystical Inspirations: Paintings, Wands, Boxes, Jewelry
Relief Clinic:  Maine Medical Marijuana Certification
Graham Connolly, Medium: Readings
Dr. Ella Coffren, Synaptic Chiropractic: Brain Tap Sessions
Laurie McCammon, Maine author and teacher: Enough! How to Liberate Yourself and Remake the World with Just One Word
Laura Night, Pourpre Lune: Spirit Conduit, Psychic Readings
Marjorie & Jonathan Perrier: Brazilian Crystals, Inspirational Cards
Suzette Roy: Readings
Moondust Metaphysical: New Age & Natural Products
Saturday, April 23 ONLY
Kay Murchie, Faerie Eggs of Kae Glenn, Seasonal Ornamental Eggs
Jo Maxner, Sculptures, Wands, Scrying Mirrors
Regina Strongheart, Medical Intuitive, Readings
Barbara Murray, Resonance, Reiki, Medical Intuitive, Matrix Energetics
Katenia Kellar, Square The Circle, Tarot Readings
James Provenzano, Energetic Imaging
Tia Downing, Rising Sun: Intuitive Angel & Oracle Readings
Diana Harris, Intuitive Counselor, Medium & Educator, Sacred Spiral Dance: Textiles from India/Nepal, vibrational healing mists
Lisa Fontanella: Aura & Chakra Scan
Jean O’Hearn: doTerra Essential Oils
Sunday, April 24, 2016 ONLY
Kristi Borst, Healing Resonance: Healing Energy in Form Artwork
Tam Veilleux, Transformational Coach: Tools for Creating Change
Mark Gerardi, Luminous & Healthy: Energy Healing, Readings
Peg Jones, Angel Readings, Daily Angelical Whispers
Erik Giguere, RN Sage n Spice Health & Wellness: Reflexology
Jennie Krasse: Kinetic Chain Release, Young Living Essential Oils
Ami Wilson: It Works, Beauty & Wellness Products
Elizabeth Jackson, Body & Soul Health Solutions, Center for Balanced Living: Craniosacral sessions.
Carole LaPlante, Psychic Medium: Tarot Readings
Our Workshops Included In $5 Admission
Saturday, April 23, 2016
11:00am Color Magick
With ChrisAnn
Learn to use color in your life! Want to manifest, do Magick or healing? The colors you use have significance! We will be discussing color and how you can have a more colorful life!
 12:00pm Don’t Dam(n) the Flow 
With Diana Harris
Do you feel like there is more to Life  than you’re living?  Do you feel  a bit stuck or constricted by circumstances? Is your attention directed toward what you don't have?  If you are like many of us, you at least hesitated when answering these questions, right?!  Join Diana and get back in the swim of things! You will learn valuable ways to move beyond limitation,  open to greater possibilities,  and unlock the floodgates of your Joy!
1:00pmSpiritual Gardening: Learn to Connect with the
Nature Spirits to Help Restore Energetic Balance to
Gaia, and Hence…Yourself  
With Maureen McGrath
Mother Earth has been ravaged by pesticides, improper, unethical farming procedures, planting of non-indigenous plants, etc. which has greatly damaged her energy. What can we do to help? Spiritual Gardening is about getting connected, being a good steward to Mother Earth and helping to restore Her energetic balance, and therefore, restoring our own. Get grounded ~garden more! There is a whole other world of gardening that goes beyond Science. Learn how to connect with the Spirit(s) of your garden, the Overlighting Devas, Faeries, the higher Vibrational Beings that help each plant, tree, shrub and blade of grass grow on this plane. We will share some simple techniques that will help us to become a co-creative partner with Nature as a part of restoring balance to Mother Earth. Whatever we do to help this process, will have a direct effect on our own bodies, minds, spirits.
2:00pm You Are Enough
With Laurie McCammon
Come, experience the "Enough Space:" not a workshop, but a gentle, nurturing, meditative space where you will be greeted with soothing music and images to return you to the core of who you really are. You we born enough and always have been enough! Maine author and teacher, Laurie McCammon, MS, brings you this space as one of the first stops in the tour for her new book, Enough! How to Liberate Yourself and Remake the World with Just One Word. Come, experience who you really are. You are enough. So very enough! 
3:00pm Reiki & Addiction Recovery
With Jeffrey Hotchkiss & Reiki Community Health & Wellbeing
Opiate and other addictions bring increasingly tragic impacts into our communities. Pain and anxiety are obstacles to recovery. Join the members of Reiki Community Health & Wellbeing to talk about how Reiki is helping.
4:00pm Guided Meditation with Singing Bowls
With Margie Perrier
Spend time connecting to your inner self, spirit and essence through meditation. The vibration of the singing bowls relaxes and opens one up; releasing the hold of the physical world to allow our true essence to be present. The more we feel and identify our spirit, the more we can bring its presence into our everyday life.
Our Workshops Included In $5 Admission
Sunday, April 24, 2016
11:00pm Perspective Reboot® ~ 3 Powerful Ways to Claim
Joy and Grace Today 
With Kristi Borst
Kristi Borst will share strategies for escaping the mind and getting to the heart of happy living. What are the "stories" and patterns that keep you from experiencing yourself and your life as joy? The life you seek may be closer than it appears from your current perception. Kristi will also share a visual meditation employing her healing codes and artwork for clearing and balance.
12:00pm Your Health-Care Plan for the 21st Century
With Elizabeth Jackson
Your Health-Care Plan for the 21stCentury: Using your Intuition and emotional guidance system to create and maintain your health. We will discuss 4 common barriers to health and how to dissolve them using Affirmations, Meditation and EFT (Tapping). 
1:00pm Happier, Healthier, Wealthier...Faster with EFT.
With Tam Veilleux
The energy of 2016 is begging you to figure out why you're still stuck. Find out how making peace with your past is the only way to leap into your successful future. One easy technique rids your body, mind and spirit of all distractions. Join transformational coach Tam Veilleux for a dynamic workshop about EFT tapping. 
2:00pm Inviting Your Angels Into Your Life
With Peg Jones
Peg will speak about how the senses, clairaudience and clairvoyance, can help you to connect to your angels. She will discuss freewill and how to connect with the intentions of asking, believing and receiving validation and synchronicity. Peg will discuss some oft he angels including Archangels Michael, Raphael and Gabriel as well as share messages, writing exercises and her book Living In The Heart Place With Your Angels: Daily Angelical Whispers Throughout The Year
3:00pm Spiritual Artistry: Charcoal Dream Catcher
With Robert (Greywolf) Webber Chipman
The Dream catcher represents protection, and of drawing in the good to one’s self … it was hung over the beds of children to capture the dreams and only allow the good dreams to come through … nightmares would remain stuck in the web and burn up in the morning Sun.
In this workshop you will learn about the story of the Dreamcatcher and how it can be used as you sleep and also in your day-to-day life. This is a hands-on workshop and each participant will learn to draw their own Dreamcatcher using charcoal in this class.
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