The Magick Closet, Purveyor of Spiritual Goods - Magick Heart Healing & The Enlightenment Expo
The Enlightenment Expo
Greater Portland's largest gathering of Spiritual
Practitioners, Products and Services
Saturday & Sunday September 6 & 7, 2014
Saturday 10:00-5:00
Sunday 10:00-4:00
The Fireside Inn & Suites
81 Riverside St.
Portland ME
$5.00 admission
 portion of proceeds donated to local charity
Psychic Readings, Animal Communication, Angel Readings, Energy Work, Chair Massage, Crystals, Stones, Jewelry, Metaphysical Gifts & Supplies, Crystal Bowls, Aura & Chakra Photography, Workshops, Live Music,
Door Prizes and more!
Workshops all day included in admission fee.
Participating Vendors
Saturday & Sunday, September 6 & 7
Erica Rock- Infinite Blessings, Readings, Andara Crystals
Gabriel Godwynne- Crystals & Stones
Jeannie Toppi-Funky Fairies
Deb Snyder, PhD, Author& Speaker, The HeartGlow Center
Diane Emery- Telepathic Animal Communicator
Deb Burk- doTerra, Essential Oils & Wellness Products
James Provenzano- Energetic Imaging
Jeffrey Hotchkiss- Reiki Master Teacher
Nightfeather- Psychic Readings
Joyce Halliburton- Psychic Tarot Readings
Jennie Krasse- Hearth Mother Tours, Kinetic Chain Release
Sharon Danis- Natural Balance Therapies, Kinetic Chain Release, Young Living Essential Oils
Silver Spells- Stones, Jewelry & Space Stuff
Bill Sengal & Kristin Gaudette- Spiritual Life Readings
Brian Chadbourne- Chair Massage, Reiki
Audrey Jacobs- Mia Bella & ScentSations, Candles, Natural Body products
Chris Ann- Elemental Energies, Readings
Doreen Dube- Sound & Crystal Energy Healing, Bio Mat- Crystal & Infrared Healing
Sue Sullivan- Gypsy Muse, Metaphysical Products
Kathy Cushman- Kathy’s Creations, Wire Wrapped Stones & Healing Crystals
Regina Strongheart- Medical Intuitive
Sandy 'Oceana' Chipman- Sea Shell Reader
Greywolf Moonsong- Ocean Moon Creations, Spray Paint Art, Osho Zen Tarot
Psychic Joy- Psychic Spirit Gardens, Readings, Tarot, Mediumship
Lauri Ivers- Psychic Medium/Intuitive Healer/ Spiritual Teacher
Elizabeth(Lizzy) Derecktor, Spiritwear,Hand painted silk clothing for your Heart and Soul
Dede Eaton, The Magick Closet, Purveyor of Spiritual Goods, Magick Heart Healing, The Enlightenment Expo organizer
Saturday, September 6 Only
Cindy Palmer- Reiki, IET
Aeriana Blue- Spirited Art & Readings, Clay Jewelry, Wands
MaryAnn Malloy, Lisa Falconeri, Kim Koehler, Elaine Lilley-
Healthy Body Fit Mind, Fitness & Holistic Wellness
Amy Woodson- Lavish Earth, High quality, high vibration crystal & minerals
Marlene King- Earthly Treasures, Crystals & Jewelry
Jaclyn Ouillette- Crystal Song Healing Arts
Patricia Pepin- Angel Inspired, Psychic Medium Readings
Stephanie Brooks, Tri Corvus Crystals & Gems
David Hopkins- Merkaba Sol, Tools for Enlightenment
Tam Veilleux- Author, Speaker, Teacher, EFT, Tapping
Roxie J Zwicker- New England Curiosities,
Oracle & Gemstone Readings, Crystal Consultations
Sunday, September 7 Only
Sandra Chaussee-Jaguar Woman Sounds, Shaman Rattles, Shell Wreaths, Smudge Sets
Barbara Murray & Claire deVries- Readings, Reiki
Fern Dyer- Angel Readings, Crystals, Stones, Jewelry, Prints
Colleen Macklin- Seamack Designs, Handcrafted Jewelry
Carole LaPlante- Psychic Medium, Tarot Readings
Barbara Foss-Hypnotherapy Comfort Zone, Cds, Reiki & KCR Practitioner
Steve Eaton- Black Moon, Handcrafted Door Harps
Ruth Kirkwood- Reconnective Healing Pract.& Ruby Diamond Line of Sage Mist
Suzanne Silvermoon- Indigo Lotus Yoga, Therapeutic Yoga and Ayurveda
Marie L. Tucker- Destination EarthMagick, Magickal Products & Shamanic Healing Tools
Karen Burnell- Karma Fair Trade, Fair Trade/Social Justice Gift Shop
Our Workshops Saturday, September 6
Free with your $5.00 admission fee
11:00-The Magickal Days Of The Week & Saturn’s Day Meditation
With Dede Eaton
The days of the week are named for mythological figures and gods and are connected to specific colors, scents, stones, herbs and more. Join Dede for an introductory talk about the significance and correspondences of the magickal days of the week and how you can incorporate these correspondences into your everyday life: Followed by a guided meditation harnessing the energies and power of Saturday: Saturn’s Day.
12:00-Vibration, Awakening Consciousness with Shamanic Journey & Crystal
Singing Bowls
With Jaclyn Ouillette
Everything is energy, vibration. Through Shamanic Journey and Crystal Sing Bowls we will explore vibration, becoming more conscious of the energies present in our lives and how we relate to those vibrations. Enjoy a crystal singing bowl sound journey as we discover ways to navigate your life and connect you with your highest destiny. Everyone is welcome, no experience is necessary.
1:00-Tapping Into Change: Using EFT for A Life With Clarity & Momentum
With Tam Veilleux
EFT, also known as Tapping, disrupts the energy of negative emotions and thought patterns that keep you sad, stuck and broke. If you're ready to take charge of your life then join Tam for 50 minutes of science, spirituality, how and why you should use EFT to tap into true change.
Participants will leave with a background of tapping, how's it used and hear true success stories of people using EFT.
2:00- Journey to the Power of One
With Roxie J. Zwicker
Don't be stuck anymore!  This workshop will help you connect with your own truth, gain clarity about what is for your highest good and release whatever is in your way of creating what you desire to experience in your life.  We will break down barriers and open up the doors to emotional freedom by banishing negative thoughts.  
We will also go over personalized tools and methods that are unique to your needs that can be used to help you manifest your goals.  The session will give you clarity and will leave you feeling empowered, supported, and loved.  Get ready to write the next amazing chapter of your life - on your own terms.  ~Don't you deserve to live life to the fullest?
3:00- Monatomic Andara Crystals
With Erica Rock
Monatomic Andara Crystals are new discoveries in the last 20-30 years that are here NOW to assist with the Ascension & Shift we are currently experiencing on the planet. Andara are the birth of the NEW CONSCIOUSNESS and NEW EARTH energy we are moving into. At this Andara event you will learn about these Unique, and rare stones and have the opportunity to experience them directly. True Monatomic Andara Crystals:
~Automatically expand your state of awareness & increase intuition
~Increased access to universal knowledge
~Activates/opens channeling abilities
~Accelerates the spiritual development process
~Creates a bridge between ethereal and physical dimensions
~Manifest and create automatically by inserting your intention into the Andara Energy Field
~Clears and Balances Chakras Automatically
~Builds trust within bringing feelings of EMPOWERMENT
~Andara Work through the Heart & Raise your vibration overall
4:00-Maine Reiki
Helping our Communities Past, Present &Future
With Jeffrey Hotchkiss
The community of Reiki practitioners in Maine has come a long way. How have we survived and thrived? What are we up to now? What might we accomplish in the future? And, how are we helping all Mainers? A visible member of the community shares stories from his
own and others' experiences.
Our Workshops Sunday, September 7
Free with your $5.00 admission fee
11:00-The Magickal Days Of  The Week & Sun Day Meditation
With Dede Eaton
The days of the week are named for mythological figures and gods and are connected to specific colors, scents, stones, herbs and more. Join Dede for an introductory talk about the significance and correspondences of the magickal days of the week and how you can incorporate these correspondences into your everyday life: Followed by a guided meditation harnessing the energies and power of Sun Day.
12:00- Fair Trade and it's positive impact
With Karen Burnell

Learn about: the many principles of fair trade, the impact around globe and how to join this important social justice movement.
1:00- Self-Hypnosis for Emotional and Physical Healing
With Barbara Foss
 This workshop provides the opportunity to experience Group self hypnosis for emotional and physical healing.  You will learn why people have traditionally used hypnosis, what is expected during hypnosis and why it can be beneficial for weight control and smoking cessation to name a few.  This session offers  endorphin - powered hypnosis. 
Aside from the phenomena “runner’s high,” widely recognized as the euphoric state that occurs when the body releases endorphins in response to vigorous exercise,
few realized that endorphins could actually be put to work to create healing, comfort, and pleasure.  During this session, you will release your own endorphins to a safe and beneficial level and I will show you how to do this for yourself anytime you wish!
During the session you will obtain relaxation to deepen and allow yourself to experience a vast feeling of openness and connection to the world around you.  If you wish to access your inner joy and higher self using your subconscious mind as a bridge, consider this workshop.   Healing Energy ON !
2:00- Ignite CALM: Bliss at Work
With Debra Snyder
 Award winning author, Deb Snyder brings forth lessons from her new book to help you transform your lives for the better. Ignite CALM explores the four key concepts essential to achieving bliss in life and business. The advice and practical guidance is for anyone who wants to improve their life and take positive action to achieve success at work, at home, and in your relationships.
3:00- Harvesting Health with Ayurveda:
Introduction to the time honored way of wellness
With Suzanne Silvermoon
Ayurveda is the most ancient, time honored and proven way to maintain optimal health. The term Ayurveda means Knowledge of Life. These wellness traditions and teachings recognize that we are a beautiful creation derived from the 5 basic elements of life and we must skillfully draw from these 5 elements to cultivate and maintain wellness. During this introduction to Ayurveda you will learn how these elements of life are at play, manifesting in your specific body constitution, and how to make lifestyle choices to care for your unique self. As well, you will come away with a greater understanding about how you can align yourself with the natural rhythms of life on our Mother Gaia to create a harmonious and vibrant life. With greater knowledge about what specific elemental energies are in motion at any given moment, we can then make conscious choices about our actions, and lifestyle choices to live in harmony rather than discord. With harmony and conscious alignment, we dwell in ease with the end result being peace.
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