The Magick Closet, Purveyor of Spiritual Goods - Magick Heart Healing & The Enlightenment Expo
The Enlightenment Expo
Greater Portland's largest gathering of Spiritual
Practitioners, Products and Services
Spring of 2014 we expand to two days!
We'll see you Saturday & Sunday, May 3rd & 4th 2014 10:00-5:00
The Fireside Inn & Suites
81 Riverside St.
Portland ME
$5.00 admission
 portion of proceeds donated to local charity
Psychic Readings, Animal Communication, Angel Readings, Energy Work, Chair Massage, Crystals, Stones, Jewelry, Metaphysical Gifts & Supplies, Crystal Bowls, Aura & Chakra Photography, Workshops, Live Music,
Door Prizes and more!
Workshops all day included in admission fee.
Participating Vendors
Saturday & Sunday, May 3rd & 4th
Erica Rock- Infinite Blessings, Readings, Andara Crystals
Diana Harris- Sacred Spiral Dance, Readings, Metaphysical Products
Gabriel Godwynne- Crystals & Stones
Ruth Kirkwood- Reconnective Healing Pract.& Ruby Diamond Line of Sage Mist
Diana Sainte-Family Acupuncture Center
Diane Emery- Telepathic Animal Communicator
Starla Perico- doTerra, Essential Oils & Wellness Products
James Provenzano- Energetic Imaging
Fern Dyer- Angel Readings, Crystals, Stones, Jewelry, Prints
Mark Gerardi- I-Ching Readings, Energy Healing
Jeffrey Hotchkiss- Reiki Master Teacher
Jailene Fontaine- InterSpecies Communicator
Nightfeather- Psychic Readings
Joyce Halliburton- Psychic Tarot Readings
Jennie Krasse- Hearth Mother Tours, Kinetic Chain Release
Jen Adams- Kinetic Chain Release
Sue Yarmey- Psychic, Teacher, Readings
Silver Spells- Stones & Jewelry
Ruby's Tarot- Tarot Readings
John McLaughlin-Kuan Yin Enterprises, Astrology & Osho Zen Readings
Paula Lipinksy- Chakra & Aura Photography
Bill Sengal & Kristin Gaudette- Spiritual Life Readings
Brian Chadbourne- Chair Massage, Reiki
Audrey Jacobs- Mia Bella & ScentSations, Candles, Natural Body products
Chris Ann- Elemental Energies, Readings
Katherine Gerardi- Mother Peace Tarot & Intuitive Readings
Doreen Dube- Sound & Crystal Energy Healing
Sue Sullivan- Gypsy Muse, Metaphysical Products
Bonnie Lee Gibson- Psychic Medium Readings
Ernie VanDenBossche- Mediumship Readings, Hypnotist
Colleen Macklin- Seamack Designs, Handcrafted Jewelry
Sara Eaton- Hand Crafted Jewelry & Gifts
Kathy Cushman- Kathy’s Creations, Wire Wrapped Stones & Healing Crystals
Saturday, May 3rd Only
Regina Strongheart- Medical Intuitive
Sandy 'Oceana' Chipman- Sea Shell Reader
Greywolf Moonsong- Ocean Moon Creations, Spray Paint Art, Osho Zen Tarot
Darlene Chadbourne- Numerology, Mentor
Cindy Palmer- Reiki, IET
Jeannie Sullivan- Heartfelt Energies, Reiki, Primus Activation Healing
Eddita Felt- Frontiers of the Mind- Paranormal Investigations
Becky Grant- Soul Intentions, Pendulums, Silver & Crystal Jewelry,
Crystals, Intention Candles
Holly Ihloff - Medieval Magic Organics, Historic Botanical Cosmetics
Sunday, May 4th Only
Christopher & Paula Easton- Breathe In & Beyond, Sacred Geometry Glassware
Barbara Murray & Claire deVries- Readings, Reiki
Roger Boivin- Reiki
Audrey McMorrow, MA, CAGS, BCC & Bodhi Simpson, LCPC, ATR-
Vast Horizons For Personal & Professional Growth
Jennifer Bourget- The Magick Garden
Susan St. Jean- Psychic Medium
Jeannie Toppi-Funky Fairies
Sunday May 3rd Workshops Included In Admission
Magickal Gift Guided Meditation
With Dede Eaton
In this original guided meditation you will journey to a magical and sacred place and receive a gift from your spirit guide, angel or loved one to enrich your spirit. Followed by discussion of symbols and messages for those who wish to share.
Working Your Numbers; Temporary Time Cycles
With Darlene Chadbourne
Know what and when to do things, to get the best possible results. What is this number 7 year all about? Are you in a 7 year and working in Sync with the universe?
Discovering Your Past Lives: What are they? Why do we want to know?
With Regina Strongheart
We will talk about past life experiences, discuss how they may inform us and share what they may mean. Regina will give a brief reading for folks if time allows.
Finding the Combination for Bliss
With Jailene Fontaine
Your animal, the earth and your inner self is talking. Are you listening? With the influence of the new energies, it's time to recognize what works and what doesn't work in your world. Knowing how to integrate and apply these energies is something that can be assisted through the use of plants, herbs, essential oils, stones – all things that have an energetic signature!
Animal Communication
With Diane Emery
Diane will help you open your heart and increase your awareness and understanding of animals. Through a series of basic exercises she will show you how to develop your natural telepathic abilities as well as remove the blocks that prevent you from processing information.
Do you have a haunted house or business?  How to tell and what to do."
With Eddita Felt
Eddita Felt Psychic Medium and Lead Investigator at Frontiers of the Mind will be discussing Real Maine Ghosts and how to get rid of them. In this workshop, participants will learn how to experience ghosts, spirits and energy fields within a home or business environment and what to look for as possible symptoms of a haunted house or place of business.
This is a fun and informative workshop for people who have experienced or are interested in paranormal activities.
Sunday May 4th Workshops Included In Admission
Connecting With Colour Guided Meditation
With Dede Eaton
Experience deep healing and connection of your higher self, heart and earth through the magick of colour in this original guided meditation. Followed by discussion of color correspondences, symbolism and the nine major chakras.
Kinetic Chain Release and the Mother Child Connection
With Jennie Krasse
KCR is a series of stretches and immobilizations done in a specific sequence that brings the body back into balance. Once the body is back in balance one sees a tremendous difference in the energetic body. KCR has been noted to create a symbiotic relationship between the Mother and the child. If one receives KCR the other benefits.
Breath, Water & Sacred Geometry – the Essence of Life
With Paula Easton
Begin to discover the magic.  Breath, Water and Sacred Geometry connect us all.
Breath is our connection to spirit. Water is the key to connecting to All That Is.
Sacred Geometry takes it to another level. Learn about structured water, experience
breath techniques and guided meditation.
Is Your Past Dragging You Down?
With Sue Yarmey
Are you ready to learn how to let go of all the things that are dragging you down? Do you want to walk your new path to enlightenment lighter and unencumbered? Come hear this talk about how you can learn from your past (current live and past lives), leave behind those things that don't work and travel on with new knowledge and confidence.
Reiki Circle
With Jeffrey Hotchkiss
Curious about others' Reiki experiences? Want to share your own stories in a supportive environment?  Maybe give or receive some hands-on treatment? 
For Reiki Masters, Practitioners, and people wanting to learn about Reiki, a gathering to tell about your learning, practice and ideas of Reiki, and listen to 
others.  Open questions, sharing without judgment.  Hands-on treatment in chairs, for those who wish to give or receive. Let's see what we can learn from each other!
Join us for a day of One-ness, Unity & Community!
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Please note:
The Enlightenment Expo is sold out for vendors.
We have a long waiting list, if you wish to be added please let us know
 and we will gladly add you. Thank you.
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